A Gym Song I Can Stand

I hear/see this at the gym and I can live with it. Although I’m puzzled why most everything that gets mass attention these days with any kind of heavy guitar sound must be of the Black Keys imitating The White Stripes imitating whoever variety.

I shouldn’t complain. At least it’s not fucking Cake By The Ocean for the trillionth Chinese Water Torture time.

I will say that, if we’re doing this kind of stuff, I’ll take this all day. From my pick for most underrated album of all-time, Masters Of Reality’s Blue Garden.

2 thoughts on “A Gym Song I Can Stand

  1. Record Company, fine, but I like the Masters of Reality. It’s like Traffic hooked up with Uriah Heap and had a threesome with Blue Oyster Cult. Or something.

  2. Weirdest thing I’ve encountered in a long time:

    The guitarist/vocalist for Masters of Reality is Chris Goss.
    The guitarist/vocalist for The Record Company is Chris Vos.

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