Ten Most Lasting Albums From Your Teen Years

Yes, it’s an internet thing. The prompt goes like this, and is irresistible: List 10 albums that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER, but only one per band/artist. Don’t take too long and don’t think too long.

I turned mine in last week, before I knew it was a thing. I made two mistakes in my first pass, listed two elpees that hit when I was 12, though I suppose maybe I wouldn’t have gotten into them until the next year. Hard to know.

List 10 albums that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER, but only one per band/artist. Don’t take too long and don’t think too long.

1. Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen – Lost in the Ozone

2. Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street

3. Allman Brothers – Live at Fillmore East

4. The Who – Who’s Next

5. Stevie Wonder – Innervisions

6. Johnny Winter – Johnny Winter

7. New York Dolls – New York Dolls

8. Jethro Tull – Benefit

9. Paul Kantner – Blows Against the Empire

10. Kool and the Gang – Wild and Peaceful

Originally had Cream’s Disraeli Gears and Blood Sweat and Tear’s Child is the Father to the Man, but they were released before I was a teen. As I type this I realize that Blind Faith should be on, but I don’t know what to bump. I’ve written about all of these here before, except Benefit. And I’ve seen all these bands live, too, which may explain some of the attachment, except Jethro Tull. I once saw Commander Cody open for Jefferson Starship in Santa Monica. Weird show.

One odd thing to note is that I’m older than most everyone who made lists I’ve read. I turned 20 before punk broke or new wave hit. Feel free to add your list in the comments. In the meantime.

The 11 Best Songs By the Beatles

Earlier today I compared Kanye West to the Beatles, and named his best 11 songs. Good stuff.

Here’s my fast take on the top 11 Beatles songs. Just like Kanye, the Beatles have way more than 11 good songs. So both lists skew to my preferences at this moment. I tried to write notes, but it seemed silly. Great song. Favorite. etc etc. Make your own faves known in the comments.

I Want Hold Your Hand, Meet the Beatles

Eight Days a Week, Beatles for Sale

In My Life, Rubber Soul Continue reading

The 11 Best of Kanye West

I somewhat facetiously said elsewhere that Kanye West is to the recent years in music as the Beatles were to the 60s. That my friends elsewhere hadn’t heard West’s music, at least not knowingly, demonstrates the fallacy. This modern world is more segmented than the more expansive world of the Beatles. But that’s okay. The following is a very quick pass at 11 songs that make a nice demo of Kanye’s talents, plus two bonus tracks, avoiding as much as possible his self-centered petulance (which is a part of his thing, too).


We Don’t Care, The College Dropout: I heard this, the sour distortion, the thumping bass, and wildly ironic rapping, and my eyes opened wide.

Spaceship, The College Dropout: Work, resentment, anger, ambition, wrapped up in a universal metaphor and slow oozing soul setting.

Jesus Walks, The College Dropout: This was the third single from his first album (the first two singles were Through the Wire and Slow Jamz). It is huge, giant, plaintive, beseeching.

Golddigger, Late Registration: The giant hit has a massive beat and a relentless Ray Charles hook (sung by Jamie Foxx). Continue reading