Saved: The All Saved Freak Band, “Daughter of Zion”

Cleveland lifer John Coleman suggested that I find some of Clevelander Glenn Schwartz. Schwartz was in the Measles with Joe Walsh, and preceded him as guitarist in the James Gang, but the one tune of the Measles I could find was pretty mild.

It turns out that Schwartz was the lead guitarist in the LA band Pacific Gas + Electric during their salad days (“Are You Ready?”), but had a conversion experience and left the rock and roll life to play and record with the All Saved Freak Band.

Coleman says Schwartz still rants like a batshit crazy person, but when he plays he shreds.

This tune is pretty hot, praise the lord.

Schwartz left the Freak Band in 1980 and plays out in Cleveland.

By Request: The Smiths

No. 6 greatest rock riff?

When someone requests The Smiths, this is the one that came immediately to mind, which is in a similar vein. Thanks to Scott for the request.

Is this a good place for my two cents about the Smiths? Probably not. People love them, and I merely like them. I like the hardness of the drums and the ringing of the guitars. I like the quirky melodies, and Morrisey’s point of view. It’s all kind of shambly and personal and hooky, too. Still, I merely like them. I can’t really say why. The only thought I have about it that makes any sense is that they write half songs. I love the first half of Shoplifters, for instance, but by the time we’re halfway through I want to move on to something else. Bands and performers I really love, that doesn’t happen.