Saved: The All Saved Freak Band, “Daughter of Zion”

Cleveland lifer John Coleman suggested that I find some of Clevelander Glenn Schwartz. Schwartz was in the Measles with Joe Walsh, and preceded him as guitarist in the James Gang, but the one tune of the Measles I could find was pretty mild.

It turns out that Schwartz was the lead guitarist in the LA band Pacific Gas + Electric during their salad days (“Are You Ready?”), but had a conversion experience and left the rock and roll life to play and record with the All Saved Freak Band.

Coleman says Schwartz still rants like a batshit crazy person, but when he plays he shreds.

This tune is pretty hot, praise the lord.

Schwartz left the Freak Band in 1980 and plays out in Cleveland.

16 thoughts on “Saved: The All Saved Freak Band, “Daughter of Zion”

  1. 1) Shreddin’ guitar indeed.

    2) “Ass’s foal” just rolls off the tongue. Needs to be in more songs. Gene, Lawr, you’re the songwriters around here.

    3) Almost went berzerk thinking what this reminded me of (particularly the riff). Then it came to me (thank you Jesus). This video is kind of cool in its own right:

  2. I could not listen to the whole thing. Proselytizing has a negative effect on me. All I could think was what a waste of a great riff and guitar player (is it in 6/8 time, to boot?).

    There you go Steve. Now that is the kind of proselytizing I can get behind, Mr. Derringer.

  3. A great Small Faces cut, but I’m not clear what the topic is that’s carrying forward. What strikes me is all the physical detail in the lyrics. Very nice, even if the sentiment is not.

  4. The topic was crunching guitars. I don’t think Rod is insulting women – not Rod – but intimating that she is a he. He could have made it more explicit with “underneath that old umbrella, you look just like a fella.”

  5. One of the reasons I posted this tune among all the other All Saved Freak Band cuts out there is because I thought Steve would get a kick from “ass’s foal!”

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