LINK: Why People Keep Plagiarizing Tom Petty

Adam Ragusea explains it in Slate today.

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is an irritating faux gospel falsetto pop ballad that Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne now have writing credits on.

You be the judge:

UPDATE: Tom Petty released a statement about this.

OTHER UPDATE: Later in the day, after this post, I posted about another song called Stay With Me, by the Chin-Chins, without even connecting the two. Now they’re connected.

LINK: The Black Album

enhanced-buzz-wide-1538-1405955330-7In real life Ethan Hawke made a mixtape of his favorite songs by the Beatles during their solo career to give to his daughter, apparently after he and Uma divorced.

At the same time, over the last 12 years or so, he was making a move with Richard Linklater called Boyhood, which is the story of a boy from the age of five to 17. The trick of the movie is that it was shot with the same actors over a 12 year period. Ethan Hawke plays the boy’s father, and he presents him with the Black Album after the fictional couple, the boy’s parents divorce.

This article at Buzzfeed publishes the song list for three disc worth of tunes (too many), and the liner notes that Hawke gave his daughter and rewrote for the movie’s purposes. Beatles experts may have something to say about its interpretation of history, but I would say the whole thing is kind of lovely. Much nicer than How Do You Sleep?