Snacktime: The Measles, “I Think of You”

Joe Walsh’s first band in college was called the Measles, and included Cleveland legend (according to Cleveland legend John Coleman) Glenn Schwartz, who later played guitar in Pacific Gas and Electric (and just about every band around at the time, maybe because he was insane.

If I’m understanding correctly, the Measles recorded on song, I Think of You, which was released as a single under their name and on the first Ohio Express album, under the name Ohio Express, called Beg Borrow and Steal. On the same album is a version of the hit song Beg Borrow and Steal that you’ll find in the Nuggets boxed set, which was released in 1966 credited to the Rare Breed.

In any case, for Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz completists, here are The Measles. And get vaccinated!

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