The 11 Best Songs By the Beatles

Earlier today I compared Kanye West to the Beatles, and named his best 11 songs. Good stuff.

Here’s my fast take on the top 11 Beatles songs. Just like Kanye, the Beatles have way more than 11 good songs. So both lists skew to my preferences at this moment. I tried to write notes, but it seemed silly. Great song. Favorite. etc etc. Make your own faves known in the comments.

I Want Hold Your Hand, Meet the Beatles

Eight Days a Week, Beatles for Sale

In My Life, Rubber Soul

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown), Revolver

Here, There and Everywhere, Revolver

Yesterday, Help

Within You Without You, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Strawberry Fields Forever, Magical Mystery Tour

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, The Beatles (the White Album)

Helter Skelter, The Beatles (the White Album)

Hey Jude, Let It Be

Two bonus tracks: Come Together from Abbey Road.

And Blue Jay Way from Magical Mystery Tour

13 thoughts on “The 11 Best Songs By the Beatles

  1. None of these makes my Top 11 – not even my Top 33 which I know because I made a CD of my Top 33 – which is testimony to how great the Beatles were. With no other artist is this even remotely possible.

  2. I think the Stones approach the breadth and quality of the Beatles. This list was tunes I like for one personal reason or another. I could certainly make another or two or three that I could defend with passion.

  3. I am there with Eight Days a Week, I wanna Hold Your Hand, and In My Life. Even Come Together cos the bass line was so strong.

    And, I have a vivid memory of riding to my grandfather’s funeral on a dreary day in 1966 (though I believe the Dodgers clinched that day) and hearing Here, There, and Everywhere on the car radio: something I will never forget, I hope.

    No argument with the rest, save Within Without You which i just could never warm up to for some reason?

    However, And Your Bird Can Sign, Please Please Me, From Me to You, I Feel Fine, Back in the USSR, and Here Comes the Sun would likely all make my list.

  4. Would be interesting to see your top 33 that doesn’t include any of Peter’s choices. I certainly have a different list, but “In My Life” for one is certainly on it, as are “Let It Be,” “Hey Jude,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” (As is “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”).

    I know that for me, as apparently for Lawr, we’re all of the age where Beatles songs (and loads of 60s music) resonate with us due less to their respective musical merits, and more from their associations. Which to me is more personally interesting , but more difficult to convey on a message board.

    • I posted a Top 11 on FB but Lawr made me realize I have to make one substitution: And Your Bird Can Sing, definitely over She Said She Said. The other 10: No Reply, Anytime At All, What You’re Doing, When I Get Home, I’ll Be Back, Don’t Bother Me, Think For Yourself, You Won’t See Me, I Need You, Not a Second Time. I definitely like the early-mid Beatles better, I think they were more serious before they started taking themselves too seriously. Not that I blame them, it must be tough to be 25 years old and have the whole world falling at your feet. I’d take myself pretty seriously too.

      For me, some of this depends on what songs I haven’t heard recently. I always loved Cry Baby Cry from the White Album, and Long Long Long – when I’m in the mood that’s a great one.

  5. I’m most interested in one of Lawr’s faves, “And Your Bird Can Sign.” Is that like autographs or for deaf people?

  6. autographs for deaf people (we like to call them hearing impaired, a la Lebowski)…

    it would be hard to come up with 11 bad Beatles songs. Aside from the Inner Light, Revolution #9, and (sorry Peter) Within Without You, I would have to include covers like Anna, or A Taste of Honey cos basically their original stuff was so good.

    • Note that the vast majority are late-period tunes. FWIW, I think the opening bars of Lovely Rita are the best part of the entire Sgt. Pepper album but then yes, the rest is Primrose Lane. I think John is being a little hard on It’s Only Love and Run For Your Life. Lyrics, schmyrics – what does “wop bop a lu bop a wop bam boom” mean and who cares?

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