Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: I’m Listening

This is not an upbeat tune, but it has a drone-y appeal. From the most recent album

This is another midtempo tune with a dubious sexual ethic. From 2015

This is from 2014. I’m sensing a pattern.

These guys can play and are fun, in a biker chick line of coke kind of way. I’m not denigrating that at all.


One thought on “Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: I’m Listening

  1. I put up Pusher Man just a couple of weeks ago, Melody Lane shortly after I got the latest album. Runaway Girls isn’t on any album so I don’t know it very well because I avoid shitty downloading at almost all costs.

    UA was fantastic at the Stone Pony. First opening band The Shrine was good and second opening band Danava was excellent.

    Gene’s still got a shot at them as they’re in Colorado tomorrow and Friday before they head back across the ocean.

    I predict next time they come over it will be as a stadium band opener. Glad I saw them (twice) before that.

    Good new music still exists, albeit barely.

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