Teenage Lust, Teenage Lust

screenshot-2016-09-14-23-51-32Wikipedia says this band is a glam band from the 70s, but has no info.

Evan Davies led his WFMU show off tonight with this tune, which has an opaque edition on YouTube, which you’ll see below.

But first, my comments. This is good! Not the sound quality, though it doesn’t really hurt, but the guitar, and the song itself, and the drummer is working hell hard. Plus the bass is in there churning.

Maybe Evan will see this on Facebook and fill us in with whatever details, but in the meantime, Thanks Evan!

Evan’s show is great, I don’t listen enough, but we also have to remember he gave us the fabulous Graveyard. Thanks Evan!

6 thoughts on “Teenage Lust, Teenage Lust

  1. I talk to Harold C Black on Facebook all the time, this is his band. He played with John Lennon more than just this:

    Teenage Lust were part of Mercer Arts Center scene and also the early days of CB’s and Max’s. They also opened the New Year’s Eve show at the Academy that put Kiss on the map. The bill was Blue Oyster Cult, The Stooges, Kiss and Teenage Lust.

  2. Kick out the jams, motherfuckers. No surprise that a band named after an MC5 song sounds like MC5. (Wouldn’t bother me if all bands were named after MC5 songs, frankly.)

    Nice to see a post that’s not deciding whether or not it’s rock ‘n’ roll.

  3. Billy White was the most modest and bad ass guitarist from pre NY Dolls era … these guys really deserve a place in the NYC glam scene !

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