Jet Boy Jet Girl Update

With Peter magazining and Gene and Lawr temporarily AWOL, I figured I’d do my part.

Since we discussed this a little a week or two ago, I did a google on “Jet Boy Jet Girl.” It led me to this Damned version (had never heard it before) and the Wiki listing, which told me:

a) this song was covered by many, including Sonic Youth,

b) its plot line about a young boy who has an affair with an older man only to get dumped for a woman, resonated with many young fellows.

The Damned version sounds kind of shitty at first, but grows on you if you let it play all the way through. Strange to say, but it’s kind of subtle compared to the original Elton Motello version. Plus Brian James looks like an exploded pineapple.

2 thoughts on “Jet Boy Jet Girl Update

  1. I’m going to blame the writing at Wikipedia, but maybe it’s me. Am I right that a French producer put together the backing track, then Elvis Motello added the Jet Boy Jet Girl lyrics, while elsewhere, around the same time, the same track became the basis for someone who wrote C’est Plan Pour Moi?

    If so, then I understand.

    You’re absoutely right about the Damned version. Seems a little out of focus for a while, but then worms its way in.

  2. I think it’s the French song was made first, but shortly after that, Elton Motello got the very same band to record Jet Boy with him. Very strange.

    After listening to the Damned song many times, I think it’s the Chuck Berry guitar solo followed by the Little Richard sax part that puts the song over the top. What comes around goes around.

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