Scott Weiland, RIP

I guess I gotta do this too.

At my gym I can see the TVs as I work out but can’t hear the audio. So this morning, I see Scott Weiland singing with the caption “Shocking Death” underneath. Sorry to be course, but the Packers’ Hail Mary was more shocking.

I ignored STP after their beginnings as a Pearl Jam ripoff. Reading I’ve done today tells me they got past that, but I was already gone. Once in a while, I’d sample something from a Scott Weiland supergroup, but nothing ever piqued my interest. Played “Vasoline” in a cover band a few years ago and it was kind of fun, but I can’t even remember how it goes.

The only Scott Weiland I ever listened to (and still do) is his appearance on How High The Moon, perhaps my favorite live album ever, from one of my favorite and most underrated bands of all-time, Masters of Reality. Sadly, it’s the weakest track on the album, but after not liking it at all to begin with, it grew on me after about a year or so.

The fact that Chris Goss would think enough of Scott Weiland to bring him on stage gives Scott cred in my book, but, in my world, Goss would be the superstar and Weiland would be the obscure guy.

Another slow one.

I hope my obituary is better than this one.

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