PM Jehoshaphat: Dancin’ Music

Spent my last bullet and got the only Graveyard album I didn’t own yet, Lights Out. This song makes me wanna do the boogie-woogie.

(This video doesn’t even get the song title correct, but the pictures are more fun than looking at the album cover for five minutes. Dig that Richie Blackmore mini-solo at 2:30.)

4 thoughts on “PM Jehoshaphat: Dancin’ Music

  1. Man Steve, one problem with you is it is so hard to know when you are serious or not. Which, might be the point.

    This is awful. Plain and simple. Awful. Nothing engaging or sharp or in my view intelligent in the music. No hook. It makes me want to send my iPhone flying across the room, hoping it will shatter into a million pieces.

    I can only imagine how terrible the cover must be if a bunch of adolescent stills from “Easy Rider” magazine (ok, i liked the ones with Hendrix and Paul Newman and Jack Nicholson and Steve McQueen) with babes on bikes flitted by.

    How old was your daughter when she gave up this shit, if she was eight when Green Day bought it? seven?

    BTW, the thought of you wanting to boogie-woogie is less pretty than me in pigtails.

  2. 1) I’m dead serious. Really enjoying this new album (new to me at least).

    2) This feels good to me. I don’t care if it’s engaging or sharp or intelligent. Good luck defining “engaging” “sharp” and “intelligent” in music too, without bellylaugh results.

    3) The cover is a play on Uriah Heep’s “Look At Yourself” I think.

    4) My daughter(s) never liked stuff like this. They are musically lost.

  3. i am happy if you like it and get pleasure out of it. that is all that really matters.

    i am not sure defining intelligence is as tough as you suggest, thought that does not mean there are not belly laughs involved.

    i tend to fall behind a couple of quotes the first from Bertrand Russell: “The problem with smart people is they fear they are dumb, and the problem with dumb people is they know they are smart.” the other from Einstein: “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.”

  4. I meant intelligent music, not intelligence in general. But that Bertrand Russell quote is the best thing I’ve read in a long time.

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