Lunch Break: The Motors, “Breathless”

Steve’s comment on my Cheap Trick entry (I think it was that one) brought up the Motors, whose first album I bought on the strength of this song, which is killer. Unlike the rest of the album.

I never could figure out why Airport was the big hit for the band. To me this song is sooooo much better.  If I were their manager, this is the one I would have pushed.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Break: The Motors, “Breathless”

  1. Same here. Never made it past the first album. Love the Ricki, but think it is a basic mistake to play through a Marshall. Gibsons and Strats have all that good bite that takes advantage of the Marshall power. Voxes and Ampegs do more to complement the Ricki sound in my meager and stupid opinon.

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