Breakfast Blend: Happy Birthday, January 8 (Elvis and Ziggy)

“Lindsay With an A” on KTKE noted this morning that today was her birthday.

More important, she shared the date with some pretty good names, like Stephen Hawking, who is an amazing 73 years old today.

Today Elvis would have been 80, so I thought I would drop in a favorite of mine by the King. Though I must say among the work of Presley, the stuff I like the best are the Sun Sessions. Still this one shows I was a rocker at 10 years old.

The fun does not stop there as January 8 is also the nativity commemoration for David Bowie, who is 68 today.

I love Ziggy, and all the stuff Bowie did with Mick Ronson for sure, but I also loved his Man Who Fell to Earth Heroes/Low phase. But, this song, from Diamond Dogs, remains my favorite Bowie cut.

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