Night Music: Dave Davies/The Kinks, “Strangers”

Timing is such an odd thing.

A few weeks back, my friend Les Ogilby, who has chimed in on the site and also contributed Top 10 Beatles and Stones lists, was up in the Bay Area.

Part of the reason is that Les, who is a killer blues harmonica player, agreed to come up north (Les and his wife Janet live in Seal Beach, Ca.) and join the BileTones when we played our holiday set at our fave dive bar, Roosters Roadhouse.

A couple of evenings before the gig Les, and his long time bud (and mine for a shorter time) Mike Volk came over to play some music and eat some pizza and play some records and have some fun together.

Well, the last album to take a spin on the turntable was the very same Lola versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round (Part 1), the very same album that Peter grabbed the Powerman track from last night.

The spin here is Les wanted to hear the cut written by Ray’s brother, Dave, Strangers, which is indeed a lovely song.

Not to mention Dave, lead guitar player for the band, is largely credited with inventing feedback and the power chord. Go Dave!

The clip I copped is actually the album track, but it is also on the soundtrack of Anderson’s film, The Darjeeling Limited.

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