Night Music: The Kinks, “Powerman”

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I loved the Kinks when I was in high school because of the Kinks Kronickles, a great odds and sods record. Powerman wasn’t part of that set. I lose.

We watched Wes Anderson’s movie Darjeeling Limited tonight. On the second disc, which I haven’t watched or listened to there is an interview with Wes Anderson about the music. Whatever.

The music in the movie is great, as it is in all Wes Anderson movies, but most of it is replaceable. If it wasn’t this song that song would work just as well.

But that doesn’t negate a song that pops up late in the film. Powerman, who is opposed in the Kinkalogical story to Lola. Lola was a key tune in my life, and I was surprised today to learn that I didn’t really know Powerman.

6 thoughts on “Night Music: The Kinks, “Powerman”

  1. I don’t know nearly as much as I should about The Kinks.

    This sounds like the Who meets The Beatles to me. Some would say The Kinks are the best of the three. (Good song lyric there.)

  2. obviously these are my three favorite bands Steve noted. i think the Kinks (Ray Davies) captured the sort of Noel Coward british wit/sensibilities and applied those best to American R&B the best of the three. i mean, that is what Brit Pop was, right? not that Ray was a better song writer than Lennon and McCartney or Townshend, though I think he was wittier and a better social critic.

  3. Naturally I prefer the earlier stuff but I had this album, hadn’t heard this good one in a while. Next is my fave of their mid period, which I also hadn’t heard in a long time. Listening now I’d like it more punked up but want everything punked up. Still love the guitar stuff and the tune is killer. I loved it long before I met my wife who is named Victoria and is Australian.

    • Gene, I really suggest you try “Schoolboys in Disgrace,” “Misfits,” “Muswell Hilllbillies” (Muswell Hill was near where my Granny lived in London) and “Sleepwalker.” All between 1971-1977, all just gems. All quite different from one another.

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