Afternoon Snack: For Squirrels, “8:02 P.M.”

I bought For Squirrels big label debut album after reading a pretty good Rollingstone review that noted the band had ceased due to a fatal auto accident that involved the group’s van. As part of that crash three members of For Squirrels were killed, along with the band’s manager.

Example, that disc, is pretty strong across the board. Nothing sensational, but none-the-less listenable from start to finish, and a solid first attempt. Unfortunately Example was released a month after the holocaust.

My understanding is the band was pretty good live (there were playback issues with YouTube share of the live performances, so I stuck with the album track). As for the band’s name, the apocryphal story is the band would play anywhere, anytime for anyone. They would even play “for squirrels.”

Would have been good to see how they might have developed. Gotta love a band with Rickenbackers at bass and guitar.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack: For Squirrels, “8:02 P.M.”

  1. Seems like I’m just trying to be a dick (not that I’m not), but I don’t even like Rickenbackers. Gibson/Marshall works just fine for me. SG – #1. Les Paul – #2. P-Bass/Ampeg on the bass side works too.

  2. Second dick thought – Can’t help but imagine these guys darting back and forth on the road before they got hit.

  3. hey we all like what we like, gear wise. i love my Ricki best of all. but, my friend Matthew Heulitt (he is the featured player in this months Guitar Player, as a matter of fact) refuses to even touch it. he is a serious Strat Jeff Beck model guy, though i am sure he gutted his and rebuilt it.

    i love my mark bass shit, though steve. understand the ampeg lust, but the mark bass head weighs six pounds or so and throws out 500 watts. really responsive, and great for old people to lug around.

    but, i guess i like more the classic british/byrds jingle jangle pop sound and you like more the straight ahead crunch (which is actually what Townshend played).

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