The Perfect Pop Song

Made the long drive yesterday to see my kids the rest of this week and grabbed Cheap Trick’s In Color as part of my CD driving arsenal. Hadn’t listened to it in many years – I usually pick Heaven Tonight when I pick Trick (ho ho, I should be a morning DJ).

Realized yesterday that In Color is a really good album, better than Heaven Tonight.

This song struck me as as close to perfect as a pop song can be. There’s nothing new here and I have no idea what Robin Zander is singing about, but it sure does give you that giddy feeling in the tummy that a great pop song should.

Considered doing a “Most Perfect Pop Songs” Steveslist five, but how could anyone begin to get that right without months of research?


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Pop Song

  1. Show me you really want to be mine
    Come on Come on
    I know you can do it
    Come on Come on
    There ain’t nothing to it
    Come on Come on
    I know you believe me
    Come on Come
    You can see the real me.

    I know what he’s thinking.

  2. Yeah, I went looking for the words after I did the post. The rest are even worse. But who cares? Like I always say, if you want words, go read a book of poetry.

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