Night Music: tUnE yArDs: “Doorstep”

Lindsay dropped this cut on my Xmas disc a couple of years back, and there is something so basic and rhythmic about it, although to be truthful, I cannot put my finger on specifically what kills me about the song.

I do think there is something hypnotic about repetition in music when pulled off right. Prince’s Purple Rain being a great example of a song that seems like the only real words are in the chorus, for example, although there is some actual substance beneath that repetitive portion of the tune that draws us in.

Much the same is this one by the tUnE yArDs (hey, that is their spelling, not mine, though I confess as a fan of e.e. cummings, I love lower case letters dominating) during which we only seem to hear the scary chorus over and over (listen carefully, cos it ain’t pretty) although the sweetness and innocence of the voice of band brain child and leader Merrill Garbus somehow transcends the ugly scene.






2 thoughts on “Night Music: tUnE yArDs: “Doorstep”

  1. Cool clip. I’ve listened to that record a lot and like the sound, but the structures of the tunes seems a little random. Lots of moving parts, not much propulsion.

  2. My daughter is a big fan and turned me on to her. I caught her perform at Outside Lands a couple of years ago. It was a compelling performance. Kinda cool to watch her create her loops in a live setting. (I think she’s local too.)

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