Night Music: The Bruthers, “Bad Way to Go”

The Bruthers signed a management deal with Sid Bernstein and managed to get one single released: Bad Way to Go b/w Bad Way to Go.

The only reason I know this is because I was researching another song, not the same song, called Bad Way to Go for a Breakfast Blend tomorrow. But this is fun because it is a fairly deranged song with lots of moving parts.

It also turns out that the Bruthers are real brothers. The band broke up after Bad Way to Go didn’t hit and RCA released them, but they didn’t get out of the business. Keyboardist Joe Delia ended up arranging and playing on David Johansen’s 1978 hits, Hot Hot Hot, while guitarist Frank Delia went on to direct videos for the Ramones, Wall of Voodoo and Jefferson Starship.

The video is suitably crazy, but is clearly from a time much more recent than 1966.

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