Lunch Break: Duane Allman, “Blue Sky” solo

This is a clip from a live show of the Allman Brothers band at Stony Brook University in September 1971. My first rock show was the year before, also at Stony Brook, with my buddies Big Jim and Bobby. The Allman Brothers opened for Mountain. We were fans of Mountain and had never heard of the Allman Brothers before my mom dropped us off. Wow.

3 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Duane Allman, “Blue Sky” solo

  1. wow is right! I have this cd from “s.u.n.y. at stonybrook” as it is labeled..9/19/71. I can say without doubt that I haven’t spun live at the fillmore since coming upon this.the raw energy and tightness of the band along with duanes interaction with band and crowd for me makes this the tasters choice.and you know how many times we listened to the fillmore album! as I listen to “you don’t love me” I recall the battle lines drawn with jm mick taylor vs. duane me it’s still a line drawn in the sands of time…no soul did it better.thanks for the post!!

    • That’s the recording this clip is from. There is a link to the whole show on Youtube, but a copyright notice took it down. I’m gonna have to find it.

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