A Punk Album You Need

Whenever I listen to these guys, I think perhaps they’re the best punk band ever – or at least they may have been in their prime. You need either The Unboxed Set CD or the Back From Samoa album and the Inside My Brain EP.

To steal from Tom:

Fuckin’ sheep I’m on the rag
They got my balls in a plastic bag

Best minute you’ll spend today:

One thought on “A Punk Album You Need

  1. i like the band name, the music is ok (i like it better than Blackball…) and the words are kinda funny, but very little compels me to want to hear more, i am sorry to say.

    but, when the vid was over, there were five other links to Angry Samoans tunes, and one to “Don’t Worry Baby” with a blonde in a skimpy bikini. that contrast was worth the minute.

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