La URSS all hands on deck

Yesterday’s post about Blackball lead to this Andulucian punk band. I love this music, because it starts with the Clash’s London Calling as its aesthetic baseline.

If I lived in Andsalucia/a>, I bet it would hit more notes for me. For me, the Clash hit the same notes more immediately, because of the English thing mostly. Home is where the heart is.

But maybe you should listen to the whole thing. It’s really good, if a bit familiar.

One thought on “La URSS all hands on deck

  1. Much better than the North Carolina band, from what I can hear. Yet I can’t believe bands are still putting out this album in 2015, which has been done a trillion times before, with probably 20 or so versions being the ones you really need. (Funny, coming from a guy who’s addicted to ’70s sludge rock.)

    Interesting coincidence on The Clash. Picked up the American version of the debut album on CD (CDs forever!!!) a week or so ago and popped it in for the first time yesterday. (Previously I only had the British version.)

    As well as the usual great stuff on the British version, I’m always affected by this one, as good as white reggae gets. Got a little chill when Joe Strummer said, “You think it’s funny. . .turning rebellion into money.” He surely must be turning over in his grave (or his ashes are drifting around or something) at what punk has become today, begun by shitmongers Green Day and proliferated by many.

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