Take The Coachella Challenge

Look at the 2016 Coachella lineup and tell me who you’d be interested in seeing. Feel free to tell others about bands they should be interested in seeing.

Here’s my list:

1) Guns ‘N’ Roses – I’m slightly curious.

2) The Damned – Not sure what The Damned is anymore, what kind of music they’re playing or what they represent.

There you have it. I’d happily pay $20 to see GnR in a Philly club if a friend asked me to go along. $15 for the same scenario with The Damned.

P.S. – I didn’t post any links or a nice Coachella picture because I don’t give a shit.

5 thoughts on “Take The Coachella Challenge

  1. Jonathan Richman meets Violent Femmes meets pop punk. Yuck. Mostly on the pop punk.

    You know me, sometimes blatant influences are cool, sometimes they totally offend me. Can’t explain why.

  2. In alpha order (because I’m looking at an alpha listing) I’d like to see Beach House, Courtney Barnett, Deerhunter, Foals, Kamasi Washington, Purity Ring, Sufjan Stevens, The Arcs and The Last Shadow Puppets.

    Went to Coachella twice. Saw lots of great music in 2007 (Amy Winehouse, Arcade Fire). The next time, I think it was 2013, the festival had changed a lot. Too many half naked nubiles running around “to be seen”, taking selfies, with no real interest in the music.

  3. My son Gene saw the Damned a few years ago and said they were great. I would peek at GnR too, never a big fan of their originals but they were a great cover band. I would check out Mavis Staples, and I seem to remember hearing a Rancid song or two that I liked but can’t remember any titles. I would think that the reason to attend this sort of thing is to hear something new. Almost all these names are new to me; it seems unlikely I wouldn’t like ANY of them. But wow, there sure are a lot a bad names (“Paper Diamond,” “Le Youth,” “Crystal Fighters,” “Fur Coat,” – I mean, someone thought of those names and others agreed to them. Wow.

  4. My best personal Coachella story is that, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Turbonegro’s last show in the US, with Hank (their penultimate lead vocalist) was at Coachella a few years ago. I had the money to fly out there at the time and seriously considered going. Unfortunately, I was still running Baseball Info Solutions at the time and Turbonegro played like the second or third day of the season, always a turbulent time at a baseball company, so I took the safe route and passed.

    Forever regretted not going as Hank weighs about 400 pounds now (seriously). I don’t think he’s ever coming back.

    The good news is, Turbonegro with the OK new singer is playing at Underground Arts in Philly on Monday night, June 27th and I’m pretty sure I’m going.

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