3 thoughts on “Seven Songs from the 80s: Hungry Like The Wolf

  1. Got through almost a minute and a half. Two things:

    1) One guy is dressed like Hannibal Lecter at the end of “Silence Of The Lambs.”

    2) Great look – sport coat with no shirt. Gotta remember that one for the summer of ’16.

  2. i hated pretty much all this stuff. i was seriously into the Clash and Eddie and the Hot Rods and alternative/new wave/punk everything, so i considered it a triumph that I missed this shit.

    • So maybe you would prefer this version:


      Alas, it’s from the 90s and she messes up the best thing about the song, which is its insistent rhythm, but she’s right, it’s a great song. And even cooler it because it was a hit for those goofball Durans.

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