Iggy And Josh

Can’t say I’ve looked forward to receiving a musical Amazon shipment in a while as much as I looked forward to this one.

I’ve only listened a couple times so far, but I’m disappointed. For one, Iggy’s vocals are just flat-out bad to me; his range must’ve dropped two octaves since his prime. One listens to Search And Destroy and it’s hard to believe it’s even the same guy.

For two, Iggy’s lyrics are downright silly and amateurish sometimes as well. I’m no stickler for lyrics and silly, amateurish lyrics certainly work for me at times (T. Rex), but perhaps in tandem with the dry, tenor vocals, these are worse, for me at least.

There’s Queens influence all over this album, but not enough for me, as Josh Homme has graciously planted himself firmly into the background for Sir Iggy.

The song I give you here is my favorite, probably by far so far, and it finishes the album. I love the beginning a cappella part, which initially makes no sense but comes around at the end in a very typical, wonderful, grinding, monotonous Queens crunch (although not as powerful as the Queens).

I could see these guys in Philly in a couple weeks, but at $45 for the cheapest ticket, I’m not sure.

I’ll keep at it.

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