Lou Reed, How Do You Think It Feels

We watched Bridge of Spies tonight. Spielberg working from a Coen Brothers rewrite. What could be bad?

It isn’t bad, but it is thematically and historically weak. Donald Trump would say, Low energy. And it’s a fine reminder about the Cold War.

But this Lou Reed song, which is a major theatrical event, trumps. (No pun intended.) Because of the guitars. (Squaring the circle, it’s from the album Berlin.)

One thought on “Lou Reed, How Do You Think It Feels

  1. I was disappointed with “Spies” as well. I’ve seen all the 2015 best picture nominees now except for “Brooklyn” (sorry, Peter, just can’t drag myself to a plot of “some woman falls in love”) and I thought “Spies” was weakest by a long shot.

    Not that it’s bad. I simply thought of it as a typical, “good” Tom Hanks movie. But certainly nothing that should contend for best picture.

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