RIP Lemmy

Sad that it took Lemmy’s death to bring me back here and give him a proper burial. (And to spice up this site – no, I’m not listening to that Joni Mitchell.)


1) Peter contributed an interesting post on Lemmy’s failing health and subsequent cancellation of some shows not very long ago. I’m not looking for it and linking it.

2) Motorhead’s almost-original, most memorable drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor died recently too. I didn’t even know that. (He’s on Ace Of Spades and in this video.)

3) The Lemmy rock doc is a must-see, as I’ve mentioned here before. Now you owe it to him to see it.

4) I think Gene likes Hawkwind. Maybe he wants to cover that angle of Lemmy.

5) For as much as I’d like to say I’m a huge Motorhead fan, I’m not, really. Ace Of Spades is essential, but, as much as I hate to say it, that’s all you really need. I’ve tried later Motorhead albums and nothing touched AOS for my money. If I’m dead-wrong on this, please advise. Some of their later cover songs are quite cool. I never saw them live either.

I considered being cute with the musical selection, but it just wouldn’t be right:

8 thoughts on “RIP Lemmy

  1. Agree on Ace Of Spades. I actually feel the same way about Hawkwind – only Silver Machine is essential, the rest is lumpen-Grateful Dead jamming. I believe I’ve posted Silver Machine before but I will again. It’s worth noting the song’s role in the formation of punk: not only did the Pistols cover it on their reunion tour because it was seminal to their sensibility, but Arthur Kane and Johnny Thunders of the Dolls were also huge fans. I spent years looking for it in the pre-internet days. I could play that rhythm guitar all night long.

  2. I have seen enough Lemmy just being Lemmy that I like him, but, I honestly could not have named a Motorhead song. that said, i watched this, it is competent enough, and sadly does nothing for me.

    so, i guess the analogy for our SATs is “joni mitchell is to steve what motorhead is to lawr.”

    rip either way.

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