One thought on “Lemmy’s Last Days?

  1. Yes, sad but inevitable.

    Probably little matter since music will soon have no use for guitars (especially loud ones), if it even still does. The popsters want hip-hop and the alternatives want electronica.

    Last night, a friend of a friend played me some Chvrches (stupidest name ever – I hope there’s a guy named Sven in the band). Boring and yucky.

    Also went to a special Halloween gig featuring an all-Sabbath set by a good local cover band. No one in the audience was younger than 35 and I might be underestimating.

    Thought there might be hope for the future of music weeks ago when I went to that fantastic Uncle Acid/Ruby The Hatchet show that I was too lazy to write up. Not at all sure about that.

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