Song of the Week – Harvard, Diet Cig


Today’s SotW is by a band from New Paltz, in the Hudson Valley of NY, where I grew up. It is the duo of Alex Luciano (vocals, guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), gigging under the name Diet Cig.

(I saw many of my earliest rock concerts at SUNY New Paltz including the memorable 1972 Kinks show with a Boston based warm up band I’d never heard of called Aerosmith!)

Earlier this year they released their first proper recording, an EP called Over Easy. The last song on the disc is today’s SotW, “Harvard.”

It’s a pretty funny song… and a nice kiss-off to an Ivy League jerk of an ex-boyfriend who ditched the edgy girl that turns him on for the nice girl he wants to “bring home to mom.”

How’s your new Ivy League girlfriend?
Is she boring too in the way I couldn’t stand?
And I’m not sorry
I just hope you trust her more than me

You never wanted to date a college girl
Well, I hope you got something out of that deal
Or made your parents proud
I bet she’s not as loud

Does it feel better
To be in an Ivy League sweater?
Put your work shoes on
And talk about her at your shitty job
Does it feel better
In that cold Boston weather?

Fuck your Ivy League sweater
You know I was better
Fuck your Ivy League sweater

The music is pretty basic 90s style indie rock. Guitar based, straight ahead rock with heavy drumming. Throw in a little of the Pixies/Nirvana soft/loud dynamics and, viola, the magic begins.

Enjoy… until next week.

One thought on “Song of the Week – Harvard, Diet Cig

  1. Does anybody else feel, when listening to the lyrics of Indie Rock songs, like you’re eavesdropping on someone else’s family argument? I do. I must say that girls sing these songs better, they sound more assertive while the boys sound like they’re asking their parents if they can stay up an extra hour.

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