Obama Llama: Imperial State Electric Of The Union

In desperation for something new, I bought the second Imperial State Electric CD Pop War. (Was hoping against hope I might find something good in the proposed “Remnants Review Top Albums From 2014” but that never materialized.)

This is guitarist-drummer-singer-songwriter-who-needs-no-explanation-at-this-point Nicke Andersson’s current project on his lifelong quest to eventually morph from pick-a-guy-in-Slayer to Paul McCartney. I bought the first album about a year ago and it’s OK. This is OK too. I think there’s one left. I’ll bet it’s OK.

I post this song because it’s so Cheap Trick even Lawr might like it. This live version is a little rougher than the studio version, but it at least gives us something to watch. Plus I know Peter likes looking at his idol Nicke.

5 thoughts on “Obama Llama: Imperial State Electric Of The Union

  1. If Nicke was such a musical genius wouldn’t he recognize that his voice has no resonance, no power, no range, and his pop/rock/degenerate prospects would improve if he got a real singer?
    Look what Roth and Hagar did for Eddie Van Halen? I have to say this one seems more like Christopher Cross than Cheap Trick, but that’s Nicke hogging again.

  2. Christoper Cross?!? Ouch. Now that hurts.

    I’ll give you Roth, but I think Hagar’s strongest musical contribution is tequila. (OK I’ll admit, Montrose had moments.)

    I doubt Nicke thinks he’s Celine Dion; he does plenty of stuff in which he’s not the lead singer, starting with S666. The Hellacopters did lots of work with soulful Scott Morgan and Nicke had a band for a while with him too. I’ll try to post something later.

  3. I was exaggerating, a bit, and I don’t know Andersson’s stuff well enough to say he’s hogging. But he really shouldn’t be singing lead, at least most of the time. Keith Richards and the Clash’s Mick jones don’t have big voices or lots of range, but they’re fine when they take on the occasional lead vocal. Maybe Nicke should try that.

  4. I kinda like this song, Steve. I guess it is Nicke singing, and he does have a sort of Zander-like tone to his voice. And, I always love bands with a southpaw: there is just something mentally pleasing in seeing that sort of symmetry, I think.Don’t think I would buy a disc full of it, though.

    Best part is the babe talking in Sweedish/Unfamiliar tongues at the end.

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