Night Music: Blue Cheer, “Summertime Blues”

I’ve been listening to the Pink Fairies pretty constantly lately. They raise this really interesting question: Can I find a new favorite band from the early 70s when it’s now the mid teens? And will I be as enthusiastic when I put those Beatles and Hendrix sounds in the context of the timeline.

Blue Cheer pushes the line back a few years. Summertime Blues was a big hit, and is generally considered the birth of the Heavy Metal genre. But the interview with Dick Clark in this funny clip is notable for its directness. Plus, the words Heavy and Kashmir in the same interview, even before there was a Led Zeppelin. Far out.

One thought on “Night Music: Blue Cheer, “Summertime Blues”

  1. Happy to hear you’re getting into the Pink Fairies, Peter. Last year it was Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be a Fairies CD on my next Amazon order.

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