I’m A Musical Sucker For. . .

1. Bluesy-riffy guitar.
2. Another bluesy-riffy guitar playing at the same time.
3. Repetitive, droning chord pattern.
4. Screamy/melodic high-pitched vocal.
5. Bashing, driving drums, such that make one want to march.
6. Wah-wah. (Does any popular music these days use wah-wah?)

All of which are featured on the debut track of Graveyard’s debut album, which I got with my Amazon birthday gift card. I got six CDs and this is the one I want to play most.

Things to look forward to:

Still one Graveyard album I don’t yet have. God I hope – even though they seem kind of tame live – they don’t break up before they tour the US again. (Discovered them shortly after they went home after playing Coachella.)

Screw Carlos Santana.

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