Night Music: AC-DC, “She’s Got Balls”

This is a love song. An awkward and crude one, but a girlfriend of Bon Scott can’t possibly have been as pissed as this girl friend was (supposedly) after Bon wrote this love song, according to legend (and Wikipedia).

Or maybe values were different in 1975. Hmmm. I was alive then, hanging with girls who had balls, so I don’t buy that. You didn’t have to read Betty Friedan to know which way the wind was blowing. Bon Scott, certainly, got it.

AC-DC has had a rough week. Drummer Phil Rudd had some issues with the police in New Zealand this week, though he seems to have been absolved of the most troubling charges. The band has an album out next month. I think there’s a tour coming, though who knows what happens if Phil is jailed (he’s not out of the woods).

Whatever happens, She’s Got Balls is more about respect than pandering. Good for ya, Bon.

One thought on “Night Music: AC-DC, “She’s Got Balls”

  1. Interesting choice of versions, since this one takes 3:30 just to get to the song. Bon’s smiling face definitely lights up the site though, so it’s worth it.


    1) Sad that the crowd chants “Malcolm! Malcolm!” since Malcolm has dementia and won’t be touring anymore.

    2) Lovely two-guitar drone.

    3) Fine example of Bon’s expert lyric prowess: “No one has to tella whata fella is for.”

    Long live Bon Scott AC/DC! (Boo Brian Johnson.)

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