Afternoon Snack: Neil Diamond, “You Got to Me”

Again, I am minding my own business, working and steaming KTKE. when this Neil Diamond nugget from 1967 came blasting out.

I do remember liking it at the time, but don’t remember the terrific blues harp at all.

Weird with Diamond. I liked some of his earlier songs, but for sure, once my mother announced how much she loved the guy, that was it for me.

I hate to lump him with Billy Joel (ugh), and even Elvis, though the glitter parallel is kind of scary.

But, just like early Elvis, this early Neil is really pretty good (and, Neil should thank his stars that Chuck Berry gave him the form).


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack: Neil Diamond, “You Got to Me”

  1. Neil Diamond, child of Brooklyn, arrived in my town last month and played his first live show here since becoming a recording star at his old high school.

    I’ve been thinking that having a Blind Tasting segment here at RockRemnants, where we play unidentified cuts and ask for reader guesses would be fun. You Got To Me would have been a good one.

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