Concert: Jake Bugg and Black Keys

As Lawr mentioned in an earlier post, I saw The Black Keys with opener Jake Bugg last week in Sacramento. This was a rare occasion when I saw a show where I love both the opener and the headliner. Bugg is about my age, but his age is apparent only in his appearance, not in his ability. His stage presence, though not riveting, was impressive for such a young guy in a huge venue. Both acts put on a great show. Though the Keys were more of a spectacle than they needed to be, there’s no doubt they know how to please a crowd.

Here was my favorite that Bugg played, and a favorite off the Keys’ new album that they played in the encore.

4 thoughts on “Concert: Jake Bugg and Black Keys

  1. I’m a Jake Bugg fan. I like his funny and tres distinctive voice, and his songs are elemental and straight forward.

    What made the Black Keys so theatrical and crowd pleasing, Lindsay? I really like the first album (which I heard years later), but find them pretty boring on recent releases. Kind of nice, like this clip, but also kind of generic.

  2. I am obviously a fan of both (i posted Bugg over a year ago, i think). Good show, it seems. I like Bugg cos he has that sort of diffident air young Dylan had (i don’t mean that as an insult to Bob, nor as a death knell for Jake). Would love to see the Keys, but i fear all they do is play areas now.

  3. Peter, they had this whole intro thing where some guys deep voice was saying some stuff I don’t really remember. Twilight Zone-esque kind of intro that I thought was unnecessary and they also had all kinds of screens and decor in the background that would fall away at certain times. It was cool I guess

  4. I saw Bugg at Coachella 2013. He played a small tent in the mid afternoon. Probably only a couple hundred people listening to him. I loved his music, but he seemed very shy and barley said a word during the whole performance. But I’m a fan.

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