Night Music: Turbonegro, “Staten Och Kapitalet”

I don’t follow the traffic here closely. Who cares?

But I do check in to make sure everything is working, and I noticed today that there was a spike in interest in a Swedish punk post I put up last spring.

That post led to a fantastic cascade of Swedish punk rock references, one of which was Turbonegro’s Staten Och Kapitalet. Read the thread for the whole story.

3 thoughts on “Night Music: Turbonegro, “Staten Och Kapitalet”

  1. Hah. So Remnants has progressed to the point where we’re doing reviews (like on sitcoms when they’d do those “flashback” episodes, which I read just basically was an excuse for not having to create a new episode).

    Well, any excuse for Hank-era Turbonegro is a good one. Look what the Turbs are up to these days. I’m kind of sad and disappointed:

    I’d still go to see them again though. Heck, what else is worth seeing live?

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