Night Music: The Vapors, “Letter From Hiro”

All that stuff about the Records last week just reminded me how much I loved the flood of British Power Pop bands that poured in tagging along with the punks in the late 70’s.

Nick Lowe might have led the charge with Paul Weller (The Jam) and Bram Tchaikovsky (The Motors)  along with Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Tom Robinson band. It was great here in the Bay Area, as one of those bands tickled in each week.

Such were the Vapors, who became legitimate one-hit wonders with their incredibly clever and tuneful–and I guess by now overplayed–Turning Japanese. And, the album the gave us that song, New Clear Days, was just as solid to me as was the Records vinyl.

In saying that get that I really dug them both, and still do.

So, I went to the tune I remember best from their big album, A Letter From Hiro.

Which oddly seems to also tie back into all the Japanese power pop of a few years back.



2 thoughts on “Night Music: The Vapors, “Letter From Hiro”

  1. Looked it up and I saw The Motors open for AC/DC and UFO (co-headliners) at the Roxy Theater in Northampton, PA on 11/29/77.

    Bram Tchaikovsky should sue for spelling damages.

  2. I saw Bram at the Old Waldorf, which held around 400 folks when he was touring behind “Girl of m Dreams. Never did see AC/DC, though they (and Cheap Trick) were the opening bands for a Day on the Green I wanted to go to and see AC/DC and Cheap Trick, and then leave as I didn’t give a shit about the big headlining Kansas-like bands.

    Bad spelling though I always remembered/associated the first name Bram with the German composer (who does use the “h”) like the last name with the Russian composer (whom my Uncle maintained was a crap charlatan pop music composer of his time).

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