4 thoughts on “The Hellacopters Do The Raspberries Doing The Who

  1. Your singing dude gets a little more expressive here, but the message seems to be, What cliches can we express that were only overexpressed in 1969.

    This may well have sentimental value, but this is the Hellacopters track that makes me question the whole enterprise.

    Despite my negativity, there is great drumming and more Cheap Trick work than the Raspberries, in either case a fake pop thing going on. But it is dismal.

    First time I wanted to explore the Hellas songbook to find a reason for their being. The video of the ice drums, until now, was always enough.

  2. 1) This isn’t The Hellacopters.

    2) Here’re The Raspberries doing the Who, many, many years before. And yes, it’s still better than ISE:


    3) This stuff is DERIVATIVE, FUN and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. Which I’ll take over eight minutes of boring disco shit any day. Even if it’s high on the “of course, you must like this” list.

  3. Well, I was a big fan of the Raspberries (not so much Eric Carmen solo) and well, my Who love is beyond well documented.

    I like this track, and do see the roots in both.

    As for the drumming, here is what i see the difference with this guy and Keith, and maybe why Keith was frustrating.

    Keith, especially once the band was established, rarely actually played a drum part per se. He did keep great time, but it wasn’t like you knew when the song hit the turnaround there would be play on the ride cymbal and then a roll on the tom or anything. from verse to verse, whatever he played varied i guess depending upon his mood and what he felt like doing at the time.

    these drums are way more “disciplined” than that.

    OTOH, if rock is supposed to push and defy, no one did that better than Keith.

  4. Yeah, the Rasps are one of my favorites too, although they don’t seem to come up here very often.

    Eric Carmen’s got such a great rock voice, so sad that his heart was truly into sap. No wonder Wally Bryson was always beating him up.

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