2 thoughts on “NIGHT MUSIC: 2Cellos, “Highway to Hell”

  1. 1) Good fun indeed. I’d see these guys if they were an amusement park sideshow. My guess is it gets old fairly quickly though.

    2) You tell us “Highway To Hell” (good song), but give us “Thunderstruck” (not so good song). I watched “H2H” and that one does have drums.

    3) Give me The Upper Crust for my aristocratic AC/DC (wonder if the cello guys copied).

    4) Way to go on the Football Guide.

    • I was going to post the Thunderstruck, found the Highway to Hell (with Steve Vai! and a drummer!) but managed to mess up the paste.

      It’s fixed now, making Steve look like he’s out of his mind. He’s not.

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