Breakfast Blend: The Saints

The punk band from Australia that I remember best are the Saints, whose album (I’m) Stranded is a fearsome noise. But watching videos of the band just now, their dominant theme seems now to be boredom. But maybe that’s singer Chris Bailey’s affect. This one, from their second album, is pretty hot.

By their third album they were onto something a little jazzy. Nice.

But it was (I’m) Stranded, out before there were Sex Pistols and the Clash, that won them attention for raw energy and speed. Classic.

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  1. Which shows that the same strip-it-down-and-soup-it-up thing was going on in several places at the same time, not just New York and London. I know nothing about Radio Birdman except that I automatically like a band named after a Stooges lyric, but I bet they were doing the same thing at the same time, without the fashion accoutrements. Good posts.

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