7 thoughts on “Lunch Break: The Real Kids, “Reggae Reggae”

  1. We’ve discussed the Real Kids and “Reggae, Reggae” before, I’m sure of it. But I have no problem doing it again.

    After I got bored of looking at the same people doing the same thing at college frat parties, often on a Friday night I’d get together with a couple of my blue collar, non-college buddies. We were all underage, so the one guy’s mom would get us a case of beer which we’d drink from their tall plastic kitchen tumbler cups (if the case was warm, with ice).

    Then we’d cram into this guy’s tiny bedroom, shut the door, dim the lights, crank music and get drunk. It was a helluva lot more fun than it sounds. We’d always play this, we’d always play Sham 69’s “That’s Life” album (nary a mention of Sham on this blog – must admit, I don’t listen to them anymore either), surely The Saints’ “Eternally Yours” was in there too.

    Good times.

    • We’re saving Jimmy Pursey, so that we have something to write about in 2015. Oi.

      Those would be Tervis Tumblers, no? Strohs or Rolling Rock or Stegmaier?

  2. Not Tervis Tumblers. In fact, I’m not even sure you can get them where I live and definitely not back then. They were those tall plastic cups, in pastel colors (I’m thinking like an orangey pink) with a white rim around the top. They had like a bumpy texture to them too. If I find one at a flea market I’ll buy it and give it to you the next time I see you.

    We did drink us some Rolling Rock though. Schmidts of Philadelphia too.

  3. Schmidts was cheap and good when cold. We were big on Utica Club, $4.09 a case as I recall. My fave cheap beer was Rheingold, the dry beer. Makes me think of Bob Murphy: “Tijuana Smalls – for you? Maybe. You know who you are.”

    • Stegmaier was from Pennsylvania, was 98 cents a sixpack, and had the greatest slogan: Brewed to the taste of the nation.

      There was one cheaper beer in my town, called Canadian Ace, which nobody drank because it tasted skunky. Standards.

      Rolling Rock arrived, cost maybe a quarter more, and actually was brewed to the taste of the nation. Plus it had neat tricks with the label, just like our favorite cigarettes.

  4. Steg is still alive around here. And speaking of tricks, Ballantine XXX Ale always had and still does have those little picture puzzles underneath the cap (a sheep and puckered lips – You suck!).

    I miss 16-ounce returnables. Drank a million of ’em in those days.

    (Knew this site would denegrate to beers eventually, since the authors are stinky old guys. Except the stinky old hippy.)

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