Night Music: Radio Birdman, “New Race”

It is always difficult to hear a new band in a new context and get a good idea about what they’re doing.

Radio Birdman ruffled some feathers back in the late 70s into the 80s. As alt-pop culture in Sydney this is important. As indie records culture in NY this means somthing, but how important it is overall is why we’re talking about it.

So, listen, and let’s try to figure out what comes next.

One thought on “Night Music: Radio Birdman, “New Race”

  1. Yeah, this is real good.

    1) Love the Wayne Kramer guitar solo.

    2) Love the Mick Jagger singer-dancing.

    3) Love the long-haired singer in general. Something about long-hairs playing punky stuff works for me (not you Lawr).

    I’ll get me some of this and maybe report back.

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