Quick Circle Jerks Primer And Story

Circle Jerks were a pioneering LA hardcore band fronted by former Black Flagger and now legendary Off! (who sound a lot like the Circle Jerks) singer Keith Morris.

A couple friends of mine and me went to see the Circle Jerks in Philly back in the day and we had gone to a bar down the street from the show to have a few pre-show drinks. We’re walking back to the show and a van pulls up and a guy says, “Do you know where Love Hall is?” We tried to describe it, but the driver eventually told us to hop in since we were both going to the same place.

There were a bunch of guys in the van and one of us said, “So, you’re going to the Circle Jerks show. . .” One of the guys answered, “We are the Circle Jerks.” I don’t remember saying much else to them being that the ride lasted probably a grand total of five minutes. But it’s a cool memory anyway.

Here’s my personal favorite Circle Jerks tune:

3 thoughts on “Quick Circle Jerks Primer And Story

  1. I think the Circle Jerks is the best band name ever. And while they’re not terribly original, sonically, they came up with the best band name ever. Kudos, Jerks.

  2. I dunno. I think my friend Paul Cerami came up with the best band name ever: The Hip Replacements. Paul, a drummer, actually had hip surgery before coming up with the name, but it works in so many ways…

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