This Time It’s For Real (I Think)

1) Hellacopters – (Gotta Get Some Action) Now! – Yeah, I know. But if this is the only song my MP3 player played it wouldn’t be so bad.

2) Hellacopters – Dirty Women – Great Sabbath cover.

3) Queens Of The Stone Age – Mosquito Song

4) Gang Of Four – Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time

5) Turbonegro – You Must Bleed/All Night Long

6) Hellacopters – Bullet – Speaking of the Misfits. . .

7) Dead Boys – All This And More

8) Hellacopters – Be Not Content

9) Angry Samoans – Carson Girls

10) Thin Lizzy – Derby Boys (Early version of Cowboy Song) – From the extended “Jailbreak” CD set.

11) Devo – Mongoloid

12) The Raconteurs – Old Enough – I think Raconteurs is Jack White’s best project and “Consolers Of The Lonely” is his best project’s best album. For all you kids in the audience, a real drummer often makes things better (good riddance Meg White).

13) Hellacopters – You Are Nothin’

14) KISS – Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll

15) Hellacopters – All I’ve Got

This list is funny. I don’t know why my shuffler didn’t shuffle very well. I have almost 1000 songs on my MP3 (950 by The Hellacopters, say you). It’s old. Maybe it knows what I like best. Who knows? I never use shuffle and immediately turned it back off anyway after this.

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