Shuffling off to Buffa-Lawr

I love shuffle. Like listening to killer free form FM.

I have around 1500 tunes on my IPhone, and the last 15 (that are not designated “Track XX” because I am too lazy to write the name in):


  1. Come Together: Spiritualized
  2. Somebody to Love: Airplane
  3. See the Sky About to Rain: Neil Young live at Massey Hall
  4. Deep Blue: Arcade Fire
  5. Prayer in Open D: Emmylou Harris and Spyboy
  6. Set Me Free: The Kinks
  7. Drown: Smashing Pumpkins
  8. Mr. Tough: Yo La Tengo
  9. What if we Give it Away: REM
  10. Achin’ to Be: Replacements
  11. Good Things Happen to Bad People: Richard Thompson
  12. Sunday Morning: Velvet Underground
  13. Love You To: Beatles
  14. Boris the Spider: The Who
  15. Poem for Eva: Bill Frisell

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