Song of the Week – Pearl to the Swine, Mapache

Ignored             Obscured              Restored

I have plans to see the Grateful Dead tribute band Grateful Shred in November.  Two of the musicians in that band, Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch, have been performing and recording together as Mapache for several years.

Mapache (Spanish for racoon) has a unique blend of Gram Parsons like country, Americana, and traditional, Spanish language, Mexican influences.  Their 2022 album, Roscoe’s Dream, is a tribute to Blasucci’s Boston terrier, that has travelled on the road with them for many years.

Today’s SotW is “Pearl to the Swine.”

It has Americana roots but with a groovy, ‘60s fuzzed out, psych guitar.  And in Mapache style, there are some nice harmonies on the outro.

Keep an eye on this duo!

Enjoy… until next week.

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