Song of the Week – Pony, Annette Peacock & Aladdin Sane, David Bowie

Ignored             Obscured              Restored

Annette Peacock is one of those artists that almost no one remembers, even though she was quite influential in her day.  Her 1972 album I’m the One was a mix of jazz, psych, and avant-garde funk.  It was helped along with a prototype synthesizer that we provided to her by none other than Robert Moog himself.  She used it to process her vocals very effectively.

As background, Peacock was married to jazz bassist Gery Peacock in the early ‘60s when she hooked up with Timothy Leary at Millbrook — the hippy commune just east of Poughkeepsie, NY devoted to drug experimentation and spirituality — to study Zen and Microbiotics.  She later married jazz keyboardist Paul Bley, who was also a pioneer in the use of ARP and Moog synthesizers.

On I’m the One (1972), Peacock was responsible for vocals, electronic vocals, acoustic and electric piano, synthesizers, and electric vibraphone.  It also included appearances by Bley, keyboardist Mike Garson, and drummer Rick Marotta.

Legend has it that David Bowie was so impressed with I’m the One that he invited Peacock to guest on his next album — Aladdin Sane.  (The title is a pun on the words A Lad Insane.) She declined but suggested Bowie hire her keyboardist, Garson.  Garson accepted and is responsible for the innovative piano solo on the title song.  It is one of my favorites!

So, if you are the type of person that is always seeking out new musical ideas, check out Peacock’s I’m the One.  It is available on Spotify and YouTube.

Enjoy… until next week.

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