Song of the Week – If I Didn’t Love You, Squeeze

Ignored           Obscured            Restored

“A healthy marriage is composed of windows and walls.  The windows, which must stay open, are between you and your spouse.  The walls are between the two of you (together) and the outside world.”

These quotes come from a very interesting article I read recently that you can check out here:

Somehow, I’m not sure I can explain why, that story reminded me of a song I love – today’s SotW, “If I Didn’t Love You” by Squeeze on the album Argybargy (1980).

This is a typical Squeeze (Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook) composition that has wonderfully detailed lyrics and a quirky musical arrangement.

If I didn’t love you, I’d hate you
Watching you play in the bath
A soap suds stickleback navy
A scrubbing brush landing craft
Your skin gets softer and warmer
I pat you down with a towel
Tonight it’s love by the fire
My mind goes out on the prowl

If I, if I, if I, if I, if I, if I, if I

And later, they goof on their own repetition of the “If I” lyric in another verse that includes the line “The record jumps on a scratch.”

And if that’s not enough for you, check out Tillbrook’s slide guitar solo at the 2:10 mark.  Amazing!

But back to the windows and walls… — Difford was quoted as saying the lyrics  mean “at the back of your mind you’ve got that insecurity about your inability to have a proper relationship with somebody.”

I guess that’s it!

Enjoy… until next week.

One thought on “Song of the Week – If I Didn’t Love You, Squeeze

  1. “Singles remind me of kisses, albums remind me of plans.” I think that’s what he says. I think I agree. I know this: Squeeze has a run of great singles that few bands can touch. Their greatest hits album would then remind me of planning kisses – maybe Top 50, certainly Top 100.

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