Song of the Week – Ruby, Kaiser Chiefs

Ignored           Obscured            Restored

The first time I attended Coachella was in 2007.  2007 was the first year that the festival was expanded to three days, adding a Friday bill.  The lineup was outstanding, including an as yet little known British singer named Amy Winehouse, who had an early Friday afternoon timeslot.  I’ve always felt lucky to see her that day since she left us just a few years later.

Another band I was excited to see was Kaiser Chiefs, who were on the Sunday lineup.  The band was good but it turned out lead singer Ricky Wilson was an a-hole.  He was pissed off that, in his opinion, the audience wasn’t showing him enough love – and let us know several times.  The more he complained, the more I was inclined to sit on my hands.

But I won’t let that diminish my fondness for their biggest hit, “Ruby.”

“Ruby” is a power pop gem.  It has a catchy riff and even catchier chorus that begs you to sing along.  It reached #1 in the UK, but only #14 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart in the US.  It has a very cool video too.

Oh, and that guy who saw himself as a giant rock star worthy of worship?  He ended up as a coach on The Voice UK in 2013!

Enjoy… until next week.

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